1 Canal Plaza
A 1-minute walk At first it is started by Canal Plaza. Visitor informationSouvenir corner ・There is cafe corner. (at cafe corner cream zenzaigaosusume)
2 Ironaiodori Streets
A 2-minute walk We walk former Wall Street.
3 municipal institution Otaru Literature Museum, art museum
A 1-minute walk We are closed on the next day on Sundays and holidays on Monday. ※It is display, storage Otaru City Museum of Art with work of writing and artist of literary person with connection in Otaru: The details, introduction of store to this! Municipal Otaru Literature Museum: The details, introduction of store to this!
4 Bank of Japan former Otaru Branch
A 15-minute walk City designation tangible cultural property. It is free on Monday in fixed closing day (in the case of holiday, the next day stops).
※We can experience weight of 100 million yen. Do you feel to be heavy?
The details, introduction of store to this!
5 craftsman boards
A 15-minute walk Name that workshops such as lacquerer, various craftsmen and furniture or curio dealers including metal worker linked the eaves, and there was in old days because it was tsu ri full of vigor. We can bear old feature now from building.
6 Suitengu Shrines
A 15-minute walk One of Otaru-shi landmark architectures "Suitengu Shrine." Current main shrine is built by Italy Saburo Hisaji who dealt with much shrines and temples in the city in 1919. In Toshogu Shrine style of form that main hall, central palace, front shrine connect, roof is copper covering a roof with shingles. Main hall raises its okisemmoku, bonito tree in wave-style architecture of Shinto shrines. Front shrine decorates two small plover bargeboards with gable-and-hip roof style on big plover bargeboard, main hall to pray roof on front roof.
3-1, Aioicho, Otaru-shi
7 Sakaimachi street

Bus ride 20 minutes
Ropeway five minutes
In just what tourist comes well, shops such as glass, music box form a line; as is lively.
The details, introduction of store to this!
8 Tenguyama top

Ropeway five minutes
Bus ride 20 minutes
It is one of the Hokkaido 3 size night views.
Venus of 2009 "myushuran green guide japon."
The details, introduction of store to this!
9 Otaru Station
       333 lamps meet all of you by gentle light, and they do the station yard. The details, introduction of store to this!