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August 3, Koichi Taniguchi "Japanese night community zone" lecture

The Japanese night community zone

We start lecture that invited Mr. capital University law department's professor Koichi Taniguchi in the storage of Otaru Canal plaza third at half past 1 p.m. on forthcoming Friday, August 3. It may be thought that I hate what when said to be "the night community zone", but this is what and snack study.

It is eating and drinking culture peculiar to Japan, and snack which supported Japanese society is reevaluated now. Mr. Taniguchi played a key role, and "Japanese night public area snack study introduction" (Hakusuisha) was published last year. It is played an active part in various media and lectures and is talked about role in town of snack or future possibility afterwards.

Big snack street around flower garden is in Otaru. Do you not think about what kind of possibilities both shop and visitor have in future development while aging advances to hear story of Mr. Taniguchi together?


Sponsorship: Otaru University of Commerce CGS study support section regional economy Research Department
The support: General Otaru Tourism Association
The date and time: Friday, August 3, 2018 1:30 p.m. ~3 time (opening 1:00 p.m.)
Venue: The storage of Otaru Canal plaza third
Capacity: 120 people
No charge for admission

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