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"We go to Otaru, Yoichi story"…"OMOIDE BOOKMARK" SNS campaign

・・・SnowSnowSnowSnowSnowSnow The Snow Story  SnowSnowSnowSnowSnowSnow

Go to Otaru, Yoichi; story
2017.11.12 Saturday - 2018.2.18 Sunday


Go; during story period visiting towns of Otaru and Yoichi,

In restaurant or the general shop which go, and are stylish other than story spot,

Spot that wants to improve unintentionally if it comes

Please post in Twitter or Instagram!

Toward three places of rally contributions, we present premium by lot after period!

①Accommodations pair accommodation coupon (three) in Otaru-shi

②Assorted Otaru processed marine products 5,000 yen equivalency (three)

 Assorted Yoichi special products 5,000 yen equivalency (three)​

③For JCB gift card 3,000 yen (ten)


There is to glass art gallery of Otaru Station

Having one piece of card of "OMOIDE BOOKMARK"

Please take photograph of omoide of Otaru.

●JR Otaru Station

2-22-15, Inaho, Otaru-shi telephone: 0134-22-0771

To wineglass tower of Canal Plaza

We establish "OMOIDE BOOKMARK".

Canal Plaza 2-1-20, Ironai, Otaru-shi

Canal Plaza Tourist Information Center ☎0134-33-1661

Canal Plaza Google MAP


We install "OMOIDE BOOKMARK" in place of yellow frame.

With "OMOIDE BOOKMARK" to "Otaru aquarium"

※Otaru aquarium is closed to 12/15.