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"Silver discoverer"…September 16 Pier No. 3 arrival in port plan


In Saturday, September 16 Otaru "Pier No. 3"

Cruise passenger boat "silver discoverer" is going to enter port.

From planned 9:30 a.m. original on September 13 arrival in port time

We were changed at 7:00 a.m.

Please note that plan may be changed in a hurry in future.


🚢 silver discoverer

・Anchorage wharf: The third issue wharf

・Saturday, September 16   We are going to enter port at 7:00

・We are going to depart at 16:00 on Saturday, September 16

🚢 silver discoverer summary

・Bahamian registry

・Aggregate tonnage: 5,218 tons

・Full length: 103.62m, overall width: 15.54m

● "Silver discoverer" of Tuesday, August 29 Otaru Port port call

● The departure from a port

Does seeing off of the departure from a port not participate together at 16:00 on Saturday, September 16?



● Otaru Port cruise passenger boat port call schedule is this for 2,017 years

● It is this about acceptance wharf of cruise passenger boat

● Detailed contents of "Otaru cruise passenger boat welcome club" are this

Inquiry of cruise passenger boat
Otaru-shi industry Port and Harbor Department harbor room management section
4-2, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone: 0134-32-4111 extension number 386

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