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"Costa Victoria"…May 22 Katsunai Pier arrival in port plan


Cruise passenger boat "Costa Victoria"

We are going to enter port in Otaru "Katsunai Pier" on Monday, May 22.

It is another one ship on Monday, May 22

Cruise passenger boat "Bremen is going to enter port, too".

Anchorage wharf of "Bremen" becomes "Pier No. 3".


🚢 Costa Victoria
・Anchorage wharf: Katsunai Pier
・Monday, May 22 8: 00 is going to enter port

・We are going to depart at 17:00 on Monday, May 22

Oh, it is 🚢 Costa Victoria summary
Oh, it carries flag of Italy
Oh, it is aggregate tonnage: 75,166t
Oh, it is full length: 252.91m, overall width: 32.15m, draft: 8.0m




●Otaru Port cruise passenger boat port call schedule (as of May 9, 2017) is this for 2,017 years

●It is this about acceptance wharf of cruise passenger boat

●Detailed contents of "Otaru cruise passenger boat welcome club" are this



Inquiry of cruise passenger boat
Otaru-shi industry Port and Harbor Department harbor room management section
4-2, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone: 0134-32-4111 extension number 386


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