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"Nipponmaru"…Issue wharf arrival in port plan third on September 11


Monday, September 11 cruise passenger boat "Nipponmaru"

It is Pier No. 3 arrival in port plan.

As for "Nipponmaru," September 11 becomes the last Otaru Port port call this year.

This year including port call on September 11

It becomes seven times of port call in Otaru Port.

We appreciate your using a lot of Otaru Ports.

Of Nipponmaru official site

Be introduced state of Otaru Port with blog of gull section manager

State of seeing off was introduced by blog on August 30.


🚢 Nipponmaru

・Anchorage wharf: The third issue wharf

・We are going to enter port at 10:00 on Monday, September 11

・We are going to depart at 18:00 on Monday, September 11

🚢 Nipponmaru summary

・Aggregate tonnage: 22,472 tons

・Full length: 166.65m, overall width: 24.00m, draft: 6.56m

● "Nipponmaru" of issue wharf port call third on September 8


Departure from a port seeing off

Dance of Tahitian dance "young bird feh tear"


We see off in daen of Otaru tide drum


It becomes really dark and cannot photograph the hull clearly, too.

However, suddenly "Nipponmaru" clearly.


The real identity was right of "cuttlefish fishing fishing boat" which entered port.

LED is light now.

We saw for the first time. It was extremely bright light.



● Otaru Port cruise passenger boat port call schedule is this for 2,017 years

● It is this about acceptance wharf of cruise passenger boat

● Detailed contents of "Otaru cruise passenger boat welcome club" are this

Inquiry of cruise passenger boat
Otaru-shi industry Port and Harbor Department harbor room management section
4-2, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone: 0134-32-4111 extension number 386

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