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Otaru sweets Festa 2017


otaru sweets Festa 2017 is held this year.

From Otaru, Yoichi, Kutchan, Niki, Kyowa, Niseko, Akaigawa, Suttu

Many shops open a store!

There is shop of the first appearance, too, and please enjoy many sweets.


Saturday, November 25, 26th Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

The first floor of venue Wing Bay Otaru Fifth Avenue nature chamber (Cruise Ship Dock direct connection)



Oh, wear; cherry tree food (the first appearance), Otaru Niikuraya, Ann derris, crystal temple, Japanese yen sweetness

Bloom flower (the first appearance), Tatsumi-ya confectionery, all and rice cake, gatofureru, Tanaka brewing

Nojima confectionery, horsetail Makita, le kyatoriemu, Kino Corporation, toys suite

Vanilla sugar, kakohorokubi, Kimura confectionery, LeTAO, Kuwata-ya, Nakanome confectionery

<Yoichi> Sightseeing in Yamamoto orchard, FRUITS PLANET

<Niki> Niki farm, Fruit labo Petlit domaine Niki

<Kutchan> The cake of high quality main office fourth or fifth lunar month

<Kyowa> Main room confectionery

<Niseko> Niseko Takahashi ranch

<Suttu> Sweet Kotobuki-Do (the first appearance)

<Akaigawa> Naganuma farm CaféLinn Forest


Special branch Futaba high school (Otaru), sightseeing in Yamamoto orchard (Yoichi)


... Japanese sweet craftsman art handed down directly ...

... Japanese sweet craftsman experience - 500 yen (no appointment necessary)

Niikuraya for each 12 people

We make three skewer dumplings with favorite taste.

11:00 -, 14:00 ...

・Horsetail Makita for each 20 people

ni tsu makes pretty Japanese sweet.

12:00 -, 13:00 -, 15:00 -, 16:00 ...


... Christmas cake, special order society ...

Oh, wear; gatofureru toys suite vanilla sugar

Le kyatoriemu, LeTAO



Inquiry hope one ☎0134-31-1311


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