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@We went to Marché (Marchais which there was).


To "Otaru Yukiakarinomichi",

"@ Marché" (Marchais which there was) is held this year.

In former Mitsui Bank Otaru branch which is usually doing open as art museum,

Wonderful shop and cafe 20 open a store.

We open the second floor and room which we do not usually open this year as SHOP.

On February 12 (month, shinkyu)

There is Sapporo city jazz mini-live.

Sound sounds in space of colonnade.

Please enjoy unique sound unlike normal concert.


"@ Marché" (Marchais which there was) is three days-limited event.

Please be careful not to get a wrong holding time on the date.

It is unbearable space for miscellaneous goods enthusiast. Do you not go out?

@Marché (Marchais which there was) 

●Period: From Saturday, February 10, 2018 to 12th (month, holiday)  From 10:00 to 19:00

・・Business of ・・・・* CAFE from 11:00 ※Last order until 30 minutes ago

●Venue: Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch (Otaru art village Ironai, Otaru-shi 1-3-1☎0134-31-1033)

● No charge for admission

※When you look at safe under the ground, a part of the display of former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch, admission charges are necessary.


・COAS << accessories >>

・goodman jewerly works << accessories >>

・MARZO << accessories >>

・MEDO << accessories >>

・sinsin/vue. << accessories >>

・ORITO << (Japanese paper) lighting, accessories >>

・hotaru des hotaru << curio, antique, miscellaneous goods >>

・haricot << cloth miscellaneous goods >>

・yukimichi << container and miscellaneous goods >>

・vivre sa vie + mi-yyu << miscellaneous goods >>

・Kimuraya << earthenware >>

・Wada glass device shop << container >>

・FAbULOUS << miscellaneous goods, interior art green >>

・METROCS sapporo << interior >>

・En Priere << flower lease >>

・Clothes - << retrospective fashion, old clothes >> to go on a trip from ouioui- Homo sapiens to Homo sapiens

・Zee << clothes and accessories >>

・UNGA ↑ << cake, craft miscellaneous goods >>

・SNOW DROPS COFFEE << coffee beans and scone >>

・Jun's Light Candles << candle >>


・PHANTOM CAFE << delicious wine and sweets >>

🎷 Sapporo city jazz mini-live
・・The first 15:30 -, the second 16:30 ...

We went to "@ Marché" (Marchais which there was) on Saturday, February 10.

There are a lot of pretty miscellaneous goods and is excited.

Former Mitsui Bank of venue

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