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General museum Main Building ... Otaru railroad summit 2017


General museum Main Building

Plan exhibition "history of railroad of thing ... Otaru that former Temiya Line conveys"

April 29 (soil, celebration) - July 17 Monday (holiday)

Main building the second floor plan exhibition room

We look back on historic role that we fulfiled of former Temiya Line and introduce charm of railroad inheritance to be left in area.



♦◊♦ Associated event "Otaru railroad summit 2017" ♦◊♦

April 29 (soil, celebration) .30 days Sunday

From 10:00 to 16:00

Object: As for anyone

Capacity: None
Rate: Only as for the admission charges
Application: Unnecessary. Come directly.

Main building, plan exhibition room, laboratory, event house

Run society of HO gauge and N gauge railroad model

Experience-based ride of 5 inches of gauges

Display of railroad photograph

Exhibition of railroad goods


♦◊♦ Railroad model exhibition driving meeting ♦◊♦

May 3 Monday (holiday) - 5th Wednesday (holiday)

From 10:00 to 16:00

■ Place: Main building laboratory

We display with run society of railroad model called HO gauge and N gauge.


Admission charges

Free of charge lower than junior high student
Main building: One 200 yen (winter season 150 yen) resident in general 400 yen (winter season 300 yen), high school student, the city 70 years or older
Canal building: One 150 yen resident in general 300 yen, high school student, the city 70 years or older
※Use of group (more than 20 people) is 20% discount.
※Person having certificate of the physically disabled, nursing notebook or mental patient health welfare notebook and caregiver are free
※In the case of temporary exhibitions, we may make special price separately.


Cooperation: Aino village hobby com model north train Hokkaido


Otaru Museum Main Building

1-3-6, Temiya, Otaru-shi

Telephone: 0134-33-2523


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