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Harmony of prayer to join together in the seventh street piano…Otaru venue


On March 11 when it is full seven years from the Great East Japan Earthquake,

We titled "harmony of prayer to join together in street piano"

By charity ceremony, it is 18 places of 6 way prefectures,

At the time of earthquake disaster occurrence, we give silent prayer towards direction of stricken area and repeat singing voices,

We prayed for further revival.

Otaru becomes the third participation.

We introduce state of Otaru venue.

March 11 14:00 ...

Brick bystreet street piano is managed

It is said hello by tenchoare*korehaku of "cafe dining brick W"

Of Futaba Junior High School, Futaba High School chorus club's advisor

It was commanded Mr. Sasaki.

Piano is Akiko Miura.

It is exercise of song toward public performance.

With all of Futaba High School and chorus club of Otaru City north ridge junior high school

Together from practice in vocalization

It is exercise of song to piano afterwards.

Song "hometown" reconstruction aid song "blooms to flower"

We sang this.

As the Sun Mall first Avenue is "arcade"

Beautiful singing voice echoed.

- ceremony was held at 14:30.

Ceremony of ... was not able to participate at 14:30,

One of member of federation of Otaru chorus increases in Otaru venue, too

Approximately 210 people seemed to participate.


・210 people seemed to participate in Otaru venue.

"Harmony of prayer to join together in street piano"

・Venue: Otaru stand village brick bystreet

・・・ ・ 1-4-15, Inaho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido


Sunday, March 11, 2018

It is practiced song to - piano at 14:00

14:30 ceremony start

We turn to direction of stricken area at 14:46 and pray silently

14:47 chorus start

Song "hometown" reconstruction aid song "blooms to flower"

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