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The 29th Otaru canal road race was held.


"The 29th Otaru canal road race" was held on Sunday, June 18.

3,040 runners inside and outside the way seemed to participate.


●Ironai Pier park meeting meeting place (3, Ironai, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido)

Only many volunteers do not do in meeting

It was played an active part as member of course inspection, person in charge of water supply, meeting place.

In meeting place other than "Otaru ankake chow mein bodyguards"

Various shops opened a store.

Booth of mushroom juice

Warm mushroom juice was offered after meeting.

As for the booth of massage and manipulative treatment

Person who was taken care of before it was run came.

Dance of cheering party of Otaru University of Commerce was shown in front of opening ceremony.

Brochures of various marathon events formed a line.

Luigi is participation for "Otaru canal road race", too.

Runner who runs the Otaru Canal "Asakusa Bridge" front

Goal (Ironai Pier park meeting meeting place)

In blue sky which is refreshing, everybody, which participated in race,

Might you run while enjoying scenery of Otaru?

Was thyme of aim able to be accomplished?


Volunteer everybody who supported meeting

"Thank you."

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