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The tenth Otaru mantis shrimp festival…We went on Sunday, November 12


On mantis shrimp feast day of this year, the first day was called off for bad weather.
We progressed to be held safely on the worried second day.
Weather was restored near the noon, too, and a large number of one gade did well.

Is sold for boiling mantis shrimp one 250 yen this year…It is long line in extreme popularity every year from 9:00 on that day

Mantis shrimp stew…500 yen…Body warms.

It is mantis shrimp udon in Tourism Association wasshoi village


Mantis shrimp rice cracker demonstration sale by commercial high school student

▼Mantis shrimp Jiro coloring exhibition

Canned mantis shrimp Jiro batch campaign

Display of katsu mantis shrimp by Tokai University sea life science department, touch pool & quiz

Mantis shrimp Jiro life-sized signboard

 Reference: The Otaru mantis shrimp festival secretariat (the fishermen's cooperative association)
TEL: 0134-22-5133

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