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Autumn Miyako city…Authority of capital mall (9/15 - 9/24)


Autumn Miyako city…Authority of capital mall


From Friday, September 15 to Sunday, September 24


The eleventh art street in Miyakodori Street (event of civic participation type)

・Miyakodori Street photography society of civic participation… For 9/16( soil) from 11:00 to 12:00, we process the work and print and display

・"Now, old days" of Otaru photo exhibition

・Modern art exhibition

・Photograph bazaar

・Calligraphy performance…Sunday, September 17  It is performance by Otaru calligraphy study Fushiushi Corporation sponsorship, Ken Ikeda Ryo in front of former Ishikawa shop from 14:00

・It is play bo in art street together

・Handmade workshop

・12m huge art display…We display huge art that we produced by cooperation of local people Satoshi of wall artist in handicrafts noginza neighboring sky store

・Let's take Miyakodori Street which nobody yet knows!

・We produce balloon mosaic of 2m *2m…We produce in shotarushokadaigakushotarushoten and visitors on 9/16( soil) .17 Sunday and display after completion at the mall

・We distribute balloon art…9/23( soil) .24 Sunday


Sum Japanese water scorpions tsu hand drum Saturday, September 16  ① 11:30 ~② 13:30 ...

Juggling Kuro performance Sunday, September 17  ① 13:00 ~② 15:00 ...

kirigamisuto Chikage Saturday, September 23  ① 13:00 ~② 15:00 ...

●It is lottery from Friday, September 15 to Sunday, September 24 autumn Gullah pop  From 11:00 to 16:30 (purchase more than 3,000 yen)

  ※Grand prize seizes 1,000 yen and we catch a 10 yen coin and take, and Yumepirika, gift certificate are successful.

●Potato Friday, September 15 of potato 100 yen spot sale society (bucket) Makkari  Potato Wednesday, September 20 of 13:00 - Akaigawa  13:00 ...

Chemical-free vegetables city 9/16( soil), Saturday, September 23  11:00 ...


It is this state ... of last year in detail

"Autumn Miyako city" of this year becomes civic participation type unlike until last year.

It is event that even with parent and child and friend or one can enjoy enough.

We think that we can spend time happily all day long without being influenced by weather.

It is a 2-minute walk from Otaru Station.

Do you not really peep out before going in Otaru Canal?


Reference: Otaru Miyakodori Street mall

TEL: 0134-32-6372

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