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Today's Otaru information Wednesday, May 16


Wednesday, May 16, 2018   (as of 8:00 a.m.) 

​​​​​​​CircleCircleToday's weather, temperature​​ Circle​​Circle​     Cloudy weather / fine weather          +16 degrees Celsius

DiamondWe reached such a morning of haze this morning. Warning of strong wind, melting snow, dense fog, snowslide is over maximum temperature in the daytime by forecast of +24 degrees Celsius. Sea urchin was lifted the ban on from yesterday. We think that we can have delicious sea urchin from Otaru in market. Please enjoy sightseeing in Otaru and conioo.

TriangleCanal Plaza, sightseeing product plaza, Otaru Station Tourist Information Center, Asakusa Bridge tourist information center normal business (from 9:00 to 18:00)
TriangleThe tenth Otaru Shukutsu herring group next festival(6/2・6/3)
TriangleTenguyama ropeway summer service start (4/14 - 11/4) [travel from service, 7/1 - 9/30 ⇒ 9:00 every 12 minutes for from 9:24 to 21:00]
TriangleShukutsu Malin land opening (on Saturday and Sunday of 4/14 - 10/8 from 9:30 to 17:00 7/14 - 8/5 from 9:30 to 18:30) [Otaru aquarium (question) 0134-33-1400]
TriangleSightseeing in sightseeing in Otaru sea ship, pleasure boat "ulcer" service start (4/21 - 10/14) Otaru promotion public corporation (question) 0134-29-3131
TriangleThe business trip watch box opening (4/27 - 10/8 Friday, Saturday and Sunday, holiday) in the Ibarakis (080-4505-2424) every day outside in 4/28 - 5/6, 7/27 - 9/20 for opening from 11:00 to 15:00 during (question) 0134-26-6160 tanage society (period
Triangle(question) 0134-32-4111 extension number 553 waterworks department General Affairs Division to open to the public (4/28 - 9/9 from 10:00 to 16:00) of water pipe bridge of Okusawa water source
Triangle0134-52-0241 Asato Dam memorial during the Asato Dam memorial opening (4/28 - 11/4 from 10:00 to 16:00) opening without holiday (question)
TriangleTemiya Cavern Preservation Center opening (4/28 - 11/4) (question) 0134-33-2523 general museum
TriangleBoat cruising…Otaru Port Marina (in 4/28 - Saturday, October 8 day celebration business, 7.8 month other than Wednesday business every day)
TrianglePlan exhibition "Otaru art village…Ukiyoe print exhibition (① 4/21 - 6/12 ② 6/14 - 7/31 ③ 8/2 - 9/17) [former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch]
TriangleCf. canal Cruise navigation timetable (5/9 - 5/31)
TriangleCentral bus Highway Otaru, canal flights GW period-limited service(4/28~9/24)
TriangleIt is question 0134-33-2523 general museum Main Building "birth 60 Subaru 360" (5/2 - 7/1) [Otaru general museum Main Building, entrance hall]
TriangleIt is art create Takahashi TEL the tenth Otaru Shukutsu herring group next festival "Shukutsu herring watch box circulation tour" (to ※ reception desk 5/7 - 5/25): Cf. 0134-32-0111
TriangleThe thirteenth WAVE exhibition (5/15 - 5/20 from 10:00 to 17:00) [the first floor of the municipal art museum citizen gallery 1, 2, multipurpose gallery] question 0134-34-0035 Otaru art museum
TriangleUnder recruitment of Aomori, Otaru one knight Cruise monitors!Deadline 5/24 must arrive
Circle Finance museum closed day


Sakura Sakura Sakura Otaru cherry tree highlight information Sakura Sakura Sakura
April 28…SakuraMarchen Crossroads 🍃, Sakurabest temple, SakuraMinami-Otaru Station
April 29…SakuraFormer Temiya Line🍃
April 29…SakuraOtaru Police Station 🍃, SakuraOtaru-shi synthesis welfare center 🍃
April 29…SakuraOtaru Park, Sakurabest temple
April 29…SakuraCanal Park 🍃
April 29…SakuraTemiya ParkSakuraGeneral museum, main building
April 30…SakuraTemiya Botanical Garden
May 1…SakuraSuitengu Shrine, SakuraHanazono Bridge
May 1…SakuraOtaru ParkSakura, Sumiyoshi Shrine, SakuraTenshoji
May 1…SakuraTwo steps of park 🍃, Sakuramanjare
May 2…SakuraNaebo Park🍃
May 3…SakuraBest temple
May 3…SakuraSumiyoshi Shrine
May 3…SakuraMinami-Otaru Station
May 4…SakuraTemiya Botanical Garden
May 4…SakuraTwo steps of parks, Sakuramanjare (2)
May 9…SakuraTemiya Botanical Garden
May 9…SakuraTemiya Park
May 11…SakuraOne Sakura of Tenguyama
May 11…SakuraSuitengu Shrine

SakuraAs for what you can see, double cherry blossoms which there is near Asakusa Bridge town garden are in full blossom now.
Please see. (today's photograph)
Ask the tourist information center staff about detailed thing.

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(Asakusa Bridge town garden became more than 22 degrees Celsius at ↓ 5/15 past 4:00 p.m. and was weather to sweat.) [yo]