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Otaru Yukiakarinomichi 20…"Catholic Otaru church Tomioka temple of Confucius"


Candle CandleCandle The  20th Otaru Yukiakarinomichi Candle Candle Candle

2018.2/9 from Friday to Sunday, February 18

Start 17:00 - End 21:00

Put thought on many lights after time of 20 years

So that all are happy; ...

Time to be able to exchange so opinions is right here

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※From Friday, February 9, 2018 to 18th Sunday [Otaru Yukiakarinomichi]



~~~~ Catholicism Otaru church Tomioka temple of Confucius ~~~~

Two days on Saturday, February 10, 11th Sunday 

Monument heart-shaped every year many people for shooting,

For time, wait for shutter chance,

Many people were waiting.

We opened temple of Confucius to the public

In church, there were warm drink, service of amazake, cocoa.

As it was cold at the time of shooting outside, we were very glad of warm drink.