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Otaru light up walk guided tour is held


 "Otaru light up walk guided tour" is held this year.

It is very simple guided tour of no appointment necessary, entrance fee for free.

Time is just right 45 minutes, too. Do you not participate in night walk course?

We think that we listen to pleasant story…

◆ Period From July to September (every Monday, Friday)

◆ The meeting time: 6:00 p.m.

◆ Meeting place: Former Temiya Line Ironai station (Otaru-shi Literature Museum neighborhood)

◆ The time required: Approximately 45 minutes

◆ Master      sai  …  Otaru tour guide club

◆ The back      en  …  Otaru-shi


Otaru light up walk course

Meeting place Japan National Railways Temiya Line Ironai station
Bank of Japan former Otaru Branch

Former Hokkaido Bank Head Office
Former Mitsui Bank Otaru Branch
Former Hokkaido Takushoku Bank Otaru Branch
Otaru Canal (Asakusa Bridge town garden)

※ When rainy weather is expected, you prepare rain outfit, and please participate.
In addition, about accident and injury during tour, please note that our club does not take all responsibility.


↓Ironai station (meeting place)


Otaru tour guide club
TEL: 090-6694-6224 / 090-8591-1940

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