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Tenguyama ropeway…"Tenguyama gallery" opening


"Tenguyama gallery" Thursday, June 22

Tenguyama gallery opened on Thursday, June 22.

In Tenguyama gallery, approximately 80 points such as successive posters, brochures are displayed as main in "photograph of the four seasons" of changing Tenguyama. In addition, we are broadcasting good old DVD which we introduced Tenguyama to.
While you see showpiece after having enjoyed view, walk of Tenguyama, it comes to be available as place having you draw breath a little. We look forward to your visit. 


Open Thursday, June 22, 2017 - whole year business
Place ropeway mountaintop station building (Chikashi Tachi of Tengu)
Business hours from 9:30 to 21:00 no charge for admission 

▲Photograph publication from Tenguyama ropeway HP


Reference: Tenguyama, Otaru ropeway
Address: 2-16-15, Mogami, Otaru-shi
TEL: 0134-33-7381

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