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Otaru Book Art Week…10/12 - 10/25


Otaru Book Art Week

Time: From Thursday, October 12 to 25th Wednesday

Oh, it is merit, Clair (21-2, Umegaecho) TEL: 0134-22-1354
CircleMunicipal Otaru Literature Museum JJ' s Cafe (Ironai 1-9-5) TEL: 0134-32-2388
CircleWhite bear dining room (Ironai 3-6-3) TEL: 0134-31-4690
CircleHironobu temple bookstore (1-12-13, Hanazono) TEL: 050-1195-6559
Circlenamaraya (3-6-6, Hanazono) TEL: 0134-61-7930
CircleOTARU NUPURI HOSTEL (Otaru mountain hut sisters shop) (3-7-14, Inaho Hirata Building 2F) TEL: 0134-55-5870
Circlejinzushoppurokki (4-5-17, Inaho) TEL: 0134-34-2705
Circlehanzuontoikindaripu (Sumiyoshicho 4-4) TEL: 0134-24-1031

Book Art is art work of appearance of "book". Art objects of shape of picture book and book
Various art works are produced every writer.
Book type paperwork, various works including paper-cutting art object are displayed.

[stamp rally holding]

We present Otaru Book Art Week 2017 original masking tape

We get masking tape when we prepare all the stamps in each venue!

Otaru Book Art Week executive committee
TEL: 0134-61-7930

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