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"Town cafe 2018" holding (6/16)


tsunagarou, Otaru. "Town cafe 2018"

We hold on June 16.

Community cafe to make town cafe with Otaru citizen

Local people who purpose participated in "town cafe", and got to know,

The formation of place that can have connection to assist each other

We seem to aim. Do you not participate casually?

 Town cafe 2018

■ The date and time: Saturday, June 16, 2018  From 10:00 to 12:00

■ Place: The Otaru Sun Mall first Avenue

■ Sponsorship: Otaru social worker communication meeting soaru

■ Support: Otaru-shi, Otaru Sun Mall first Avenue store promotion association

■ Expense: Entrance fee for free

※Eating and drinking, product sales cost rate. There is exhibition that it costs entrance fee for.


■ Contents

We exhibit five corners in Sun Mall becoming venue.

① Experience-based corner, production experience and play experience

② Stages such as stage corner, song or dance

③ Care and child care consultation by consultation corner, specialist job

④ Sale of food and drink with eating and drinking corner, local shop

⑤ baihambai of product with product sales corner, local shop

⑥Kids corner     ・Amusement place of handmade toy


■ Exhibition group

① Experience-based corner

1."O-GARU" craft production experience

2."Heated education network breeding in Otaru" resin production experience

3."Spot walking Sapporo" wheelchair experience, color therapy

4."asobiba" magic experience corner

5.Story-telling and picture-story show of "taru BOOK" picture book

6."Otaru Univ. of Commerce student" SNS panel shooting experience


② Stage corner

1.Chorus by "Otaru City Seiryo Junior High School" chorus club

2."Circle that nothing is heard after the fact" magic show

3.Let's dance in "private supplementary school where how is dance yes" all♪

4.All gather around "taru BOOK" book♪

5.Dance stage by "studio flash" children


③ Consultation corner

1."Otaru social worker communication meeting soaru" elderly welfare consultation

2.We undergo rehabilitation and talk about "occupational therapist Teruaki Iwanaga" anything

3."Acupuncturist Junko Uchida" health consultation

4."Child care instructor CocoLumie" child care, family diagnosis

5."Pink ribbon family" breast cancer consultation

6."Administrative scrivener spot walking Sapporo" various authorization, opening of business consultation


④ ⑤ Eating and drinking, product sales corner

1.And "it is Japanese-style Madoka Ito" Zanki and potato, beer

2."Celan" (keran) roast beef bowl

3."mari dining room" brown rice rice ball, amazake smoothie

4."Coffee House CHAFF (chaff)) coffee beans sale

5."We terrier" home brew bread hot from the oven

6."Wow, macaco" eco-friendly soap

7.Cookie and resin sale of "Otaru pocket" pocket

8."sho heart" handmade cake sale


⑥ Kids space

1."Otaru toy library"

2."Otaru group panda"



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