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Otaru Station is immediate! Shop of "ancestor selfishness bowl" in Sankaku Market!

"Takinami store" in market direct management dining room. Because it is fish shop shop, many, shellfish of the done fresh material take out of the water tank, and they cook after taking order.
We have customer with smile to send o which "is fresh and is cheap, and is delicious!".

Service information

  • The daring volume to overcome is plentiful and is reasonable! Ancestor selfishness bowl!
    In sea urchin how much raw home brew, it is bluefin tuna, Pandalus nipponensis, sweet shrimp, salmon, truth ika, katsu scallop and the seasonal material. It is way of right "selfish" bowl which can choose the favorite material for preference of customer!
    Three articles of selectable small size: 1,800 yen, normal size: 2,000 yen
    Four articles of selectable small size: 2,300 yen, normal size: 2,500 yen
  • Have alms of Hokkaido protruding from container almost!
    Motto can thoroughly enjoy "rich seafood" Hokkaido in "it is fresh" "cheap" natural "good" in dining room of market!
    Women that all the working staff are fresh. The accommodation of up to 56 people is possible.

Store information

Store name North bowl shop Takinami dining room
Takinami Shokudo
Address 〒047-0032
3-10-16, Inaho, Otaru-shi (the Sankaku Market)
Telephone 0134-23-1426
Business hours 8:00~17:00
Regular holiday Only on New Year's Day
Parking lot Available (pay)
Access A 3-minute walk from Otaru Station side
Wi-Fi Correspondence

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