Cruise Ship Dock

  • Station, the information desk
  • Public facilities

We are connected directly with Wing Bay Otaru and are station with an ocean view in front.

Unmanned station that uses Otaru-Chikko Station than Asari Station is convenient for the Asarikawa onsen area.
Ishihara Yujiro Memorial Hall is a 10-minute walk from Otaru-Chikko Station.

Service information

  • We are connected directly with Wing Bay Otaru!
    We can go to Wing Bay Otaru in connecting walkway without being exposed to rain and snow.
  • The sea is the very front!
    We can look around port of Otaru when we go out toward sea side in connecting walkway.

Store information

Store name Cruise Ship Dock
Address 〒047-0008
1-5, Chikkou, Otaru-shi Cruise Ship Dock
Telephone 0134-22-3518
Business hours 5:30~23:00 (business hours of window of ※ green.)
Regular holiday None

Store map