Cave North Europe industry of Otaru cruising blue

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Nature adventure! It is cruising at cave, Otaru Beach quasi-national park blue by comfortable powerboat

The surprising blue world is waiting in the other side of pitch-black cave.
Do you not have a special experience by industrial marine cruising in North Europe in summer Otaru?
While enjoying scenery of the palpitation not to let person seeing full of changes along Otaru shoreline get tired,
We take everybody to "blue cave" where the fantastic, beautiful blue world spreads out.
Unexplored region 15 million years before superb view where impressive scenery was made with comfortable comfortable powerboat in volcano through cave,
We can look at Otaru Beach quasi-national park from the sea, and let's do pleasant attraction experience letting you forget time and daily life.

Service information

  • Comfortable comfortable powerboat
    Sailing time 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 17:00 (summer limitation)
    Rate adult 5,000 yen dwarf 3,000 yen 
    On the day reservation can be reserved of receptionist at any time for the late April and early October during navigation period
  • Powerboat with delightful straight guide
    Please consult about the use such as charter flight receptionist possible surprises working under delightful straight guide.

Store information

Store name Cave North Europe industry of Otaru cruising blue
Address 〒047-0007
4-5, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi North Europe industry
Telephone 0134-32-3911
Business hours 8:30~18:00 (by season, weather change existence)
Regular holiday Unavailable (there is suspension of business in the wild sky)
Parking lot Available (free)
Access It is from ten minutes to 13 minutes on foot than JR Otaru Station
Wi-Fi Correspondence
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas There is separation of smoking areas
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence

Store map