Bar Sun&Peace

  • Snack bar

Wonderful encounter and large bar which can burst out laughing!

Let alone tourist, it is shop but to put casually per person regardless of man and woman.
Otaru information that there is career that pulled jinrikisha before, and master keeps the experience and knowledge of "the Otaru guide first grade" alive, and to be fun, and to be good is full loading!
Tourism Association member is excellent shop using majority, too ♪ ROFL

Service information

  • The number of the seats
    Ten seats of counters, 20 seats of boxes
  • Budget
    There are 2,000 yen - 3,000 yen (charge 1,000 yen), all-you-can-drink plan, too♪

Store information

Store name Bar Sun&Peace
Bar Sun&Peace
Address 〒047-0024
1-12-20, Otaru-shi Hanazono (2F)
Telephone 090-5077-2095
Business hours 20:00~2:00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday
Parking lot None
Access Otaru Station, Otaru Canal - 10-minute walk, Sushiyadori Street - 5-minute walk
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas There is separation of smoking areas

Store map