The Tanaka brewing head office

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The head office which was appointed in "landmark architecture" of Otaru-shi

Head office store is appointed in "landmark architecture" of Otaru-shi in wooden 2-story building built in 1927 (Showa 2).
Old signboard or account book are displayed in shop restored at the time of the early days of the Showa era and can enjoy atmosphere of old liquor brewing.
We prepare for approximately ten kinds of regular sampling in shop which left good old taste.
Technical knowledge-rich employee such as master of sake tasting and brewing certified technician is kind and can purchase in peace as we explain carefully.
Do you not find local sake which oneself had in unhurried atmosphere?
(I decline one where vehicle is driven such as ※ car or bicycle, sampling toward the minor.)

Service information

  • Brewing sake from the finest rice Takaragawa
    Head office-limited recommended sake!
    Recreation label which reproduced label which we actually used early in the Showa era.
    It is gentle brewing sake from the finest rice incense and mellow dry liquor of refreshing taste.
  • Otaru beautiful woman
    Liqueur using local fruit from Shiribeshi.
    It is liquor which is nice for woman who combined hyaluronic acid, collagen vitamin C!
  • Purely U.S. Daiginjo Takaragawa
    Purely U.S. Daiginjo liquor of the highest quality of the national alcoholic beverages contest first place.
    Sweet fragrance such as fruit and refined taste are features. As souvenir for oneself sake of the highest quality!

Store information

Store name The Tanaka brewing head office
Tanaka Sake Brewing Main Store
Address 〒047-0031
3-2-5, Ironai, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-23-0390
Business hours 9:00~18:00
Regular holiday None
Parking lot Available (free)
Access It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from JR Otaru Station
Homepage http://www.tanakashuzo .com
Inquiry use
E-Mail address
honten@tanakashuzo .com
Use of card VISA
Silvery peak
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas There is separation of smoking areas
Wheelchair correspondence Correspondence
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence

Store map