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"Taste to be possible only to Otaru posei bowl," "price", please enjoy "only Otaru is special"!

We study with invention to cooking to have many people taste seafood bowl in fresh discerning material of our store pride more without any people regardless of age or sex being concerned,
In addition, we prepare exclusive supplier who can do it simply because it is founding 15 years.
Particularly, "posei bowl" of popularity No. 1 served representative ingredients (prawns, scallop, tuna, salmon roe, sea urchin, salmon) of fresh sea foods colorfully,
It is menu wanting you to eat by all means.

Service information

  • Limited number of one coins bowl!
    One coin bowl which is recommended to product for youths, student! You are reasonable, and please enjoy seasonal fishery products to be able to taste.
  • Robatayaki of the posei bowl whole body who can just taste taste of fresh fishery products!
    As Robatayaki menu is enriched, please choose favorite thing.
    We bake seasonal foods only by posei bowl with secret sauce slowly and carefully.

Store information

Store name The seafood bowl shop Otaru posei bowl Sakaimachi home office
Otaru Poseidon
Address 〒047-0027
4-9, Sakaimachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-61-1478
Business hours 10:30~20:00
Regular holiday Without holiday (only on January 4)
Parking lot None
Access It is a 10-minute walk from a 10-minute walk, Otaru Canal from 15-minute walk, Minami-Otaru Station from Otaru Station
Wi-Fi Correspondence
Inquiry use
E-Mail address
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas None
Wheelchair correspondence Correspondence
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence
Foreign language correspondence English

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