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Present - tree bird nameplate ... from forest

Cutting down with one stroke of the sword cutting down with one stroke of the sword is careful to straight-grained board board of the first place (yew) of Kiso hinoki of 300-500 years years old and Hokkaido Univ. snowy mountains system,
We color motif in connection with nature including wild bird and fish and small animal in cutting groove, acrylic paints.
We have you attach under the light of the entrance and are return with being met at wild bird lighted up.
We are happy if available as symbol of such a tender family.
In addition, please use as celebration of new construction or celebration of marriage.
All the products become order product basically.
As you want to repeat meetings until order is settled, please feel free to contact.

Service information

  • Original technique that we applied technique to of traditional "be depressed carving" of Japan
    We devise "tree bird nameplate" which we engrave wild birds in connection with north climate at the same time and colored ahead of the whole country and create.
    We continue sending message from nature to faith in "life industrial arts" as the founder of tree bird nameplate in life of people.
  • Wall decoration of "Ito"
    We engrave fish on half solid with Kiso hinoki. We fixed lump of birch as base and stuck.

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