The old Okazakis noh stage (Otaru-shi Civic Auditorium)

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Historical building which conveys prosperity of Otaru in now

Ken Okazaki who was kitchenware chandler built the old Okazakis noh stage in home courtyard, and is contributed to city after his death,
It was moved to the present location with transference of Civic Auditorium of 1961.
Display and light up concerts such as luxurious, gorgeous noh costume which was opened to the public in the summer, and was donated from the Okazakis during period,
Various events such as lectures of Noh are held.

Service information

  • Kitchenware chandler Ken Okazaki built in home courtyard
    Including the stage of hinoki, lignitized Japanese cedar from Sado is used, too and is said to be the one and only from Tohoku and to the north in noh stage in conformity with formality.
  • During general release period, we plan various events
    We light up and give a concert, and various events such as lectures of Noh are held.

Store information

Store name The old Okazakis noh stage (Otaru-shi Civic Auditorium)
Address 〒047-0024
5-2-1, Otaru-shi Hanazono Otaru-shi Civic Auditorium
Telephone 0134-22-2796
Business hours General release is planned for from June to the beginning of September
Regular holiday Please refer
Parking lot None
Access After take central bus 2, 3, 1, 38, 42, 6, 16 systems in front of Otaru Station, and "authority of Hanazono Park" gets off; a 10-minute walk
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas Non-smoking

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