Storehouse of small Taruishi

  • Accessory, accessories

Anpan-Man and Baikin-Man are met

Anpan-Man and Baikin-Man are totally marks to look of a shop such as art museum.
It has a large selection and has accessories or miscellaneous goods which we made with nature stone which we collected from all the countries of the world.
Oracle game that it is free, and it is possible for immediately telling what kind of stone matches oneself present is extreme popularity.
Please come to play for feeling looking in toy box casually.

Service information

  • Our store original deep sea blue glass beads
    Glass beads in glass which is mysterious like the deep sea with shining silver foil.
    There are in all four-colored glass beads.
  • Art that we spend time of hundreds of millions of years, and nature creates
    Not only beautiful uncut stone which is born, and remains which is exclusive in the world but also fossil
    Circle balls polished beautifully are prepared a lot.

Store information

Store name Storehouse of small Taruishi
Address 〒047-0027
2-18, Sakaimachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-31-4455
Business hours 9:30~18:00
Regular holiday 7 days a week
Parking lot None
Access It is a 15-minute walk from Otaru Station
Inquiry use
E-Mail address
Use of card VISA
Silvery peak
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence

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