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Sea foods bowl is store specializing in sea foods bowls of 980 yen ... Sakaimachi street to be able to enjoy. Specialty "sea foods Hitsumabushi" of 11 kinds of fishery products is topic in the media!

It is a 10-minute walk from Minami-Otaru Station. Tourist attraction Otaru sea foods bowl en in crowding Sakaimachi street.
"Products of Hokkaido rice with waist tenacity that is strong fresh "fishery products" of local Otaru," "specialite de la maison nonreturn soy sauce" which we made for trouble time is these sea foods bowl specialty store which was particular about three.
It is reasonable and, in stylish shop of woodgraining, can enjoy sea foods bowl of fresh material which you shipped directly from market 980 yen ... every day.
In addition, there are menu which even person who does not like eatables can eat, child bowl (500 yen).
Specialty "sea foods Hitsumabushi" which popular No. 1 menu is each media, but is taken away.
White-fleshed fish seasonal including sea urchin salmon roe crab sea eel, tuna, tako, salmon, scallop, prawns, black kite kid
Secret for how to eat as for the luxurious bowl which the luxurious material more than 11 kinds got on of popularity!
At first what and next mixes favorite spice in soy seasoned with grated wasabi and hang specially made soup stock to Japanese hawfinch, and eat as sea foods boiled rice in tea
The ultimate powerful charm of this bowl. Please try by all means!

Service information

  • Noted product! "Sea foods Hitsumabushi" 1,980 yen
    Soy seasoned with grated wasabi, next mix spice, and sprinkle specially made soup stock last first; and to sea foods boiled rice in tea. You can enjoy with one cup three times!
  • "hokkai bowl" 980 yen to be able to enjoy season of Otaru
    We can taste seasonal white-fleshed fish and salmon produced in Otaru casually. It is with Hitsumabushi set of specially made soup stock and spice for +300 yen!
  • Classic "bowl which is how much" of Hokkaido 1,980 yen
    It is daring and rides salmon roe pickles of homemade no addition of our store pride.

Store information

Store name Otaru sea foods bowl en
Otaru Kaisendon EN
Address 〒047-0027
5-25, Sakaimachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-21-1000
Business hours 10:30~18:30 (Lo .18:00)
Parking lot None
Access JR Hakodate Main Line Otaru Station 15-minute walk, Minami-Otaru Station 10-minute walk.
It is side of Sakaimachi street, north one glass, rutao.
Wi-Fi Correspondence
Homepage http://www.otaru-en.com/
Use of card VISA
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas Non-smoking
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence
Foreign language menu Correspondence

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