Otaru Denukikoji Street

  • Japanese dishes
  • Sea foods
  • Chinese food, ramen
  • Roasted meat, Jingisukan
  • Japanese sweet
  • Sweets
  • Snack bar
  • Bar
  • The history, culture, art
  • Rent-a-bicycle, jinrikisha
  • Marine products
  • Sweets, Japanese sweet

Stand village where well-known stores of Otaru that reproduced cityscape of Otaru of the good old days gather.

Of heart with storekeeper of drawing card dishes using carefully selected material of Otaru and the shop reach each other's hearts.
The good old days…In stand village reflecting the image of cityscape of Meiji, the Taisho era period, you eat and speak and drink, and laugh.
Enjoy 16 discerning taste and smart conversing with!
When person of tempura Wakisaka / bakudan firing main office / canal / becomes, how about the oku / ginisha / Sawasaki fisheries 3 shop / Ebisu shop / CREPE ONE / Japanese style jierato sum?
Sawasaki fisheries first shop / firing Toya yan / noodles artisan justice former reversed character / north chili pepper / Nikka bar Rita / poplar farm / Veggie Kebab

Service information

  • View from fire lookout
    Observation deck of fire lookout which is symbol tower of Otaru Denukikoji Street is superb view spot that Otaru Canal and port can overlook.
  • Symbol "king-post small Buddhist priest" of debatsu
    "King-post small Buddhist priest" who launched business from apprenticeship, and imaged guide of successful Otaru with one arm.
    It is symbol of Otaru Denukikoji Street meeting business prosperity, success in life.

Store information

Store name Otaru Denukikoji Street
Otaru Denuki-Koji
Address 〒047-0031
1-1, Ironai, Otaru-shi Denukikoji Street
Telephone 0134-24-2483
Business hours It varies according to each shop
Regular holiday It varies according to each shop
Parking lot None
Access Go down Otaru I.C. than JR Otaru Station in a 10-minute walk, and is car to canal direction; five minutes
Wi-Fi Correspondence
Homepage http://www.otaru-denuki.com/
Foreign language menu Correspondence

Store map