Otaru beer

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  • Snack bar
  • Bar
  • Liquor, wine

Beer pub is established together with brewery by stone warehouse along canal

Beer to brew based on German beer single-mindedness law is real German beer only using water, malt, hop.
Cooking is lineup by menu using local ingredients making beer delicious.
We prepare terrace seat along the canal in season in the summer.
You can enjoy seasonally limited beer other than regular beer (Pilsener Don KEL vice).
We prepare other fruit beer herb beer light beer and Schnapps (spirits that is popular in Germany).
Beer pub is established together with brewery by stone warehouse along canal. Seat with a view of canal is quite popular.
You can enjoy genuine draft beer, in earnest German beer that building up, yeast lived.
We perform visit to brewery free every day in Otaru beer, Otaru Soko NO1.
We show around "wonder before beer being done".

Service information

  • Visit to Otaru brewery for free
    We show to the inside of glass etsu shidehanaku, training pot and aging room, fermentation room. Sampling of wort is possible, too.
  • Genuine German beer that yeast lived
    You have you thoroughly enjoy a good beer slowly, and please spend happy time with beer enthusiasts.
  • Every Thursday and Saturday are days of Prost 
    Otaru beer is served without limit for three hours in business hours. It is no appointment necessary of 2200 yen per person.

Store information

Store name Otaru beer
Address 〒047-0007
5-4, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-21-2323
Business hours 11:00~23:00
Regular holiday Unavailable (7 days a week)
Parking lot Available (free)
Access It is 765m from Otaru Station
Homepage http://otarubeer.com/jp/
Use of card VISA
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas There is separation of smoking areas
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence
Foreign language menu Correspondence

Store map