Otaru Saint-Germain

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It is bakery shop of the JR Otaru in-station stores yard, "Otaru Saint-Germain".

Our store is bakery shop of JR Otaru in-station stores, Otaru Saint-Germain.
In our store, handmade sandwiches perform lineup of 70-80 kinds bread hot from the oven.
Including fruit rye using Otaru wine, "salt bun of original product our store first popularity of impression" is popular.
On the JR Otaru Station use, we wait for visit by all means.

Service information

  • "Salt bun of our store first popularity of impression"
    Wrap fermentation butter in French dough, salt of gerando from France
    It is our store specialty dish which we run and baked.
  • Popular item "royal milk" which does not change from opening
    To cloth which popular item royal milk which does not change from opening is software of our store pride, and is slightly sweet
    It is popular item of our store which we wrap up milk margarine and baked.

Store information

Store name Otaru Saint-Germain
Address 〒047-0032
The 2-22-15, Inaho, Otaru-shi JR Otaru Station yard
Telephone 0134-64-1501
Business hours 7:30~20:00
Regular holiday Without holiday
Parking lot None
Access There is store in the JR Otaru Station yard.

Store map