It is hermitage thickly Otaru ankake toko

  • Chinese food, ramen

It is specialty store for bean jam mainly on Otaru ankake chow mein

Hermitage is local gourmet specialty store which "chow mein can taste for bean jam" representing Otaru thickly Otaru ankake toko.
It is shop of well-established noodle making place "Abe noodle making" proud of founding 65 to.
Ramen, fried rice, Chinese dim sum prepare for wide menu as well as chow mein for bean jam.

Service information

  • Otaru ankake chow mein
    Home brew thin noodles for exclusive use of chow mein coil itself round full-bodied thick bean jam well.
  • Mix Taiwan; side
    Hot ground meat which seasoned self noodle making of our store pride with red pepper fits well

Store information

Store name It is hermitage thickly Otaru ankake toko
Address 〒047-0156
5-7-23, Sakura, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-54-8287
Business hours Lunchtime 11:00~15:00
Dinnertime 17:00~19:00
Regular holiday On Tuesday
Parking lot None
Access It is 11 minutes by car from JR "Otaru" station from JR "Otaruchikko" station for eight minutes. Center bus city Main Line "Sakura" getting off two minutes

Store map