Otaru fortune corridor

  • Accessory, accessories
  • Daily life product (medicine, clothing)

A lot of owl miscellaneous goods causing fortune! Souvenir that there are a lot of things that pretty thing is fun and shop of miscellaneous goods.

It is trouble-free by non-trouble! In our store of enhancement, a lot of souvenir and miscellaneous goods owl causing such a fortune.
Masking tape and Mumin other miscellaneous goods are enriched in floor with many owls, too. Oh, yes, there is bear of wooden sculpture, too!
Floor and character product who collected beckoning cat and cat miscellaneous goods in various ways elsewhere sew, and there are floors of conspiracy, too.
A lot of feeling products which are delightful happiness ... which is cute in each floor!
Please look for favorite and lucky find.

Service information

  • A lot of Totoro and Anpan-Man popular people!
    Besides, Doraemon, Disney, Pokemon, rirakkuma, stuffed toy of Snoopy are various.
  • A lot of small, pretty ornaments!
    You are too pretty, and do you overbuy just carelessly?
    When we display the favorite scene in room?
  • A lot of pretty miscellaneous goods!
    Besides, Mumin miscellaneous goods and masking tape, miscellaneous goods are fuller.
    There is cool Star Wars thing!

Store information

Store name Otaru fortune corridor
Address 〒047-0027
6-9, Sakaimachi, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-21-6001
Business hours 9:30~18:00
(during period from November through April, in the case of the closing time, there is at 17:30)
Regular holiday None
Parking lot None
Access It is a 10-minute walk from JR Minami Otaru Station
Inquiry use
E-Mail address
info@at-kazu .com
Use of card VISA
Silvery peak

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