Wakoso House

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Representative of mansion symbolizing Minatomachi Otaru ※Visit is advance reservations system

It was residence which represented modern Japanese-style building, and Wakoso House was completed as own residence of President 2s of brewing company "Kitanohomare Syuzo" of Otaru, Kiichiro Noguchi in 1922 (Taisho 11).
We put Japanese-style rooms that took in Western-style design and traditional building of home town, Kanazawa of Noguchi based on geometric decoration of are deko started from Paris together.
Site has area of about 5,000 tsubos and flower is in full glory seasonally and can see more atmosphere.
Visit needs reservations. As for the reservation, I would like application from website by the end of the month two months before visit preferred date.
・Time, the opening of visit: From Monday to Friday, visit start time (as for four times a day, the visit time required approximately one hour)
・Admission charges adult: 1,500 yen fourth grade at an elementary school - 18 years old: 800 yen ※Please refrain from visit in hall where is lower than third grader.

Service information

  • The first visitor's room
    We give chandelier, classical atmosphere of the Taisho era including carpet.
  • Japanese-style room
    Room where was stayed at the Emperor Taisho. Japanese garden to look at from room is one of the highlight.
  • Sun parlor
    It is window of stained glass to stained glass and tile * rino floor and fountain. Elegant atmosphere at the time is felt.

Store information

Store name Wakoso House
Wakouso Residence
Address 〒047-0002
2-4-1, Shiomidai, Otaru-shi Wakoso House
Business hours The opening is from Monday to Friday  ※Visit needs reservations at four times a day in advance.
Regular holiday Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and the winter season
Access Than JR Minami Otaru Station a 25-minute walk. It is approximately five minutes by taxi
Homepage http://www.otaru-wakousou.com/
Inquiry use
E-Mail address
info@otaru-wakousou .com

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