Creation glass studio studio J-45

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Cafe style, stylish handmade glass studio. It blows, and glass experience is recommended, too.

Glass studio in natural rich Asarikawa onsen. Gallery and studio where pretty handmade glass forms a line are united shops.
We usually display container of errand, various works including pretty ornament art object.
In Otaru Asarikawa onsen full of nature, special; blow; glass experience!
It is far, and do you not really enjoy experience from daily life leisurely?
Something heart is excited in studio of little-known spot; blow; glass experience by all means.

Service information

  • We are satisfied to handcraft very much, and it blows, and glass experience is recommended
    Even as for the first person, is handmade casually; blow, and glass experience is possible. We have abundant glass, beer mug, wind-bell, items including wineglass, too.
    Secret that is popular among colorful designs! Production time approximately 15 minutes. Reservation required
  • We are enchanted by a certain handmade warmth glass.
    The shop where tableware and accessories, ornament and lamps of craftsman handicraft form a line. We want to find favorite slowly.

Store information

Store name Creation glass studio studio J-45
studio J-45
Address 〒047-0154
2-692-24, Asarigawaonsen, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-54-5004
Business hours 10:00~20:00
Regular holiday No fixed holiday
Parking lot Available (free)
Access Is Asarikawa onsen line than Otaru-Chikko Station; 20 minutes. It is approximately 2 minutes on foot from bus stop "Asarikawa onsen 2"
Inquiry use
E-Mail address
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas Non-smoking
Wheelchair correspondence Correspondence
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence

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