㈱Otaru tub for cooked rice (Otaru comes boom)

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Seafood new side dish of taste Otaru tub for cooked rice (Otaru comes boom) which is new from Otaru.

①The original handmade manufacturing method. We finish to draw taste of material without regretting the expert skill and trouble for process of one one making product.
②We prepared in easy taste. We finished in combination fresh fish and vegetables in easy taste. It is taste wearing well to be able to have casually.
③The making of side dish with impression. Suggestion of menu carrying smile to dining table. We create combination of new texture and material and fresh impressions.

Service information

  • tako Zanki
    We wrapped fresh octopus and onion, kiyabetsu, red pickled ginger in the pickpocket body. Resistance to the teeth is pleasant seafood fried chicken.
  • Otaru shirayuki dumpling
    Skin which was particular about taste from combination to the aging. It is dumpling which is delicious even if we make water dumpling even if we bake with exquisite affinity with bean jam.

Store information

Store name ㈱Otaru tub for cooked rice (Otaru comes boom)
Address 〒047-0016
Otaru-shi sincerity incense 1-4
Telephone 050-3099-5512
Business hours 9:00~17:00
Regular holiday Sundays and holidays
Parking lot None
Homepage http://otarubonki.jp
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas Non-smoking

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