Rent-a-bicycle, baggage azukaricharinko, Otaru

  • Rent-a-bicycle, jinrikisha

Convenience close to the station! Leave Otaru Station; and honest 250m. We are in the middle of leaving for canal and are very convenient. We prepare sightseeing map.

Supporting chair (for the back for the front) for bicycle, infant for child and electric assist bicycle, granny's bike, cross bike mountain bike and others prepare in various ways.
Family can enjoy all together. There is rental of stroller and wheelchair other than bicycle, too. Reservation is OK, too!
Use of bicycle of baggage leave, and is free. Of baggage leave, and chisel (pay) is open in whole year including the winter season, too.
North canal where Otaru Canal and feature of the Taisho era just remain, glass shop, music box shop, sweets shop, sushi shop and the beautiful sea are opening Shukutsu (shukutsu) shore, Otaru aquarium, herring palace, Temiya cave ancient characters, Otaru general museum, Ishihara Yujiro Memorial Hall, highlight full loading including morning market, market, local sake warehouseman.
We can hear explanation of the staff raised in Otaru of the highlight others mentioned above, delicious place or bra Tamori sight-seeing course-born Otaru. We can have detailed sightseeing map.

Service information

  • The recommended Shukutsu shore. Flat way purari 25 minutes.
    Via north canal, scale friend morning market, Otaru general museum, Temiya cave ancient characters, it is 25 minutes leisurely on flat way.
    The beautiful sea opens all over the very front. There is value of seeing in view from Cape Takashima and panoramic observation deck! In the Shukutsu (shukutsu) shore, herring palace and Otaru aquarium, recommended seafood delicious place are ...
    Passing away popularity spot of atmosphere that both Suitengu Shrine (suitenguu, Shinto shrine) which visited even bra Tamori and view were good, and seemed to skid in time!
  • Bicycle, stroller, wheelchair rental list of charges
    Meal has more rentals on [half day or 1st] on the way.
    [it appears a little] This is considerably quick.
  • Baggage custody. Bicycle is free. Only baggage is OK!
    Use of bicycle is free. We leave baggage, and chisel is done, too (pay).
    Middle 300 yen size 500 yen /1 day. We do business in whole year including the winter season.

Store information

Store name Rent-a-bicycle, baggage azukaricharinko, Otaru
Bicycle for Rent, Baggage Storage Charinko Otaru
Address 〒047-0032
2-7-9, Inaho, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-32-6861
Business hours From 8:00 to 21:00 (summer busy season) ※There is change by season
Regular holiday Without holiday whole year (there is suspension of business in rainy day, too)
Parking lot Available (pay)
Access Than JR Otaru Station a 4-minute walk (approximately 250m)
Inquiry use
E-Mail address
masa.ocean88@gmail .com
Wheelchair correspondence Correspondence
Guide dog entering a shop is possible Correspondence
Foreign language correspondence English
Foreign language menu Correspondence

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