Otaru Sanko aquarium shop

  • Western dishes
  • Chinese food, ramen

We can enjoy Otaru long-established store restaurant "new Sanko" in Otaru aquarium in foundation 1954.

Restaurant of Otaru aquarium overlooking quasi-national park of superb view.
Counter seat by the window is superb view spot that can enjoy the best view.
Please thoroughly enjoy splendid scenery that you can see only here while enjoying well-established taste.
We prepare for dishes and splendid view which your family can enjoy and look forward to visit.
Please enjoy well-established dishes which any people regardless of age or sex can enjoy and the best ocean view!

Service information

  • Taro lunch of tortoise
    It is lunch with sea turtle protected in October, 2007 as motif.
  • Hamburger steak plate
    If say basic dishes of Western food restaurant; this!
  • Lunch of walrus
    It is lunch with walrus which is quite popular at dolphin stadium as motif.
    We likened Steller's sea lion rock ozangi, mustache to potato.

Store information

Store name Otaru Sanko aquarium shop
Address 〒047-0047
3-303, Shukutsu, Otaru-shi Otaru aquarium
Telephone 0134-27-6655
Business hours 11:00~16:00
Regular holiday We follow Otaru aquarium
Parking lot Available (pay)
Access Is privately-owned car by road surface bus than Otaru Station for 25 minutes; 15 minutes
Wi-Fi Correspondence
Homepage http://www.newsanko.jp/
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas Non-smoking
Wheelchair correspondence Correspondence
Foreign language menu Correspondence

Store map