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New ship "rabendaa" inboard visit society

New ship "rabendaa" went into service in product for Niigata Port from Otaru Port on Friday, March 10.
On forthcoming Sunday, April 30, we perform inboard visit party of "rabendaa" in Otaru Port.

It is in space where elegance shines in nostalgia by interior given gentleness that the ship is nostalgic, and warm.
Japanese-Western style room where we keep outdoor bath in the top floor, and the cabin increases private rooms with terrace, and family can relax
We establish room in one of .4 two people use who are most suitable for trip in small group, and it is in bed division that was found as for the economy class private space.
In addition, we install with pet room and Wi-Hi facilities which can accompany pet newly and, about navigation diamond, fix facilities so that there is comfortable sea voyage in arrival of 09:00 and time when it is easy to use more on the departure from a port ⇒ Niigata Port next morning at Otaru Port 17:00 and wait for the embarkation of visitor.

Date and time Sunday, April 30, 2017 from 10:00 to 12:00
*It is said that receptionist is until 11:30

Visit meeting place Shinnihonkai Ferry Otaru terminal

Please apply with application method double postal card.
[specification matter]
Letter sent to get a reply address: 〒 047-0008
Visit to 7-2, Chikkou, Otaru-shi Shinnihonkai Ferry rabendaa society
The letter sent to get a reply back: Name of Representative, address, phone number, the number of people (per one piece to up to four people)
Reply address: Zip code, return address address, the return address name (full name of representative)

♢Deadline for application is April 5 (effective postmark).
In the case of a lot of application, we should draw lots.
About result, we obtain with shipment of reply card.
*We use personal information of visitor only for news of inboard visit society.