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Foreign tourist acceptance seminar (2/20)

2016 Otaru-shi foreign tourist acceptance seminar
On meeting tourist from East Asia
(by on-site correspondence role playing)

We hold seminar for the purpose of maintenance and personnel training of the acceptance system of foreign tourist.
We learn on-site correspondence through difference in culture with East Asia and real case this time.

■Holding date and time Monday, February 20, 2017 from 14:00 to 16:00 ※Reception desk 13:30 ...
Storage of meeting place Canal Plaza third gallery (2-1-20, Ironai, Otaru-shi)
※As there is not parking lot, please use suburban parking lot or public transport
Participation for free, capacity 50


■Part 1

・(lecture 1) including in bound sightseeing-related trendy statistics information (20 minutes)
Mr. measure valley Minoru (Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. East Japan business headquarters BI promotion department)
We explain Japan, the present conditions of sightseeing in way from JNTO statistical data.
・(lecture 2) about culture, sense of values according to country of visit to Japan foreigner (35 minutes)
rachikengakoshi (Director representative of association of general corporate judicial person tour conductor guide)
We learn about difference in culture such as each East Asia country and "cannot do". We tell about prohibition matter by action with example, experience.


■Part 2

・Introduction (15 minutes) of language-response application with smartphone
We demonstrate in example that utilized smartphone. We introduce the latest application such as operators for speech translation, handwriting translation, 24 hours.
・Mental attitude (ten minutes) to enable communication even if words are not possible
Mr. David Barnett (Hokkaido Walk-a-Peia editor, Director of NPO World Youth Japan)
We learn mental attitude to make full use of non-bar Baru technique (expression, manner, action of non-language), and to interchange clearly.
・Experience-based - (30 minutes) when it supported role playing - language of spot correspondence and was in trouble
We assume the cause of cooperation of native foreigner, sense of incongruity in Hokkaido to feel to be viewpoint of foreigner and case happening quite often and experience correspondence to visit to Japan foreigner in English. We actually perform reproduction of case that happened.


Sponsorship: Otaru-shi, (no company) Otaru Tourism Association, Hokkaido, sightseeing in (public corporation) Hokkaido promotion mechanism

Otaru-shi industry Port and Harbor Department sightseeing promotion room
Telephone: 0134-32-4111 (extension number 450) FAX: 0134-33-7432
e-mail: kanko02 @

Deadline Monday, February 13 ※As soon as become capacity; the deadline