Learn about Otaru

We see the sea in the front if over JR Otaru Station. At first to Otaru Canal basic. It is come by track which was Japan National Railways Temiya Line, the pivot of Hokkaido when we go down loose slope. If stone building which was former bank is seen; soon. If cross signal; there is Otaru Canal. The first person to the right side. We want to tie hand without thinking that we walk along the canal. As for the coming person, last arrival place is the immediate very front of Otaru Station by bus.
  • If we walk along the canal leisurely and take souvenir picture in Asakusa Bridge, we come back to mountain side a little. If show canal terminal of city designation landmark architecture; there is the starting point of Sakaimachi street. A lot of buildings which skidded in time in north Wall Street and the said times. Let's relax in shop of glass and shop like Otaru including marine products, sweets and sushi bar. It is the completion in music box temple in Marchen Crossroads.


    After all sushi which we made with the material of foreshore and the sea near the shore of Otaru is the best. Peony prawns, sweet shrimp, tuna, sea urchin, abalone, mantis shrimp, scallop are particularly recommended.

    Marine products

    Fish hahokke, flatfish, salmon which are the most familiar with Otaru native, tarano delicious fish. With eyes own in market nearby for appearance check! Let all the artefacts of Otaru have, and go, is right marine products heaven.

    Japanese-Western style sweets

    In sum / Otaru, rice-cake dealer is full for a long time. Delicious things such as vaunted skewer dumpling and pink nosuama, Beko rice cake of specialty of Otaru are full. Local Kashiya who is particular about yo / handcrafting and Kashiya who became the national constituency, yo sweets including Kashiya of major company in way are substantial.

    Hotel around canal circumference or Otaru-Chikko Station

    We want to do market rotation by all means on the next morning. Mosquito - car ... shopping while we say is fun in "meeting" with seasonal fishery products which we have not looked at. Hotel around canal circumference or Otaru-Chikko Station is recommended to such a person.

    Asarikawa onsen

    After all it must be hot spring! Person called this to Asarikawa onsen. It is approximately 30 minutes by bus from Otaru Station. Near in skiing area, loop bridge, otarunai lake. We meet Otaru unlike image. We arrive in Jozankei when we go back way more. It is otsu use of car makes a detour, and to come back to Sapporo.

    Hotel, hot spring

    Classical hotel and inn of downtown are recommended to person who wants to spend time relaxedly.

Recommended souvenir

Marine products & delicacy

Fish guts pickled in salt of Kirikomi of herring, fish guts pickled in salt, salmon, herring, hatahata of tender dish simmered in, salmon and sweet shrimp of herring, hokkenadono meal sushi (do without being) and salmon and sweet shrimp, cuttlefish sumi bloom; cuttlefish, sashimi kombu, scallop string, katsuhanritsu. We cannot introduce, and there is lot.

Glass industrial art object

Much glass shops are in town, Otaru of glass, Sakaimachi street. We line up from imminent thing to gorgeous work crowdedly in shop.
  • Music box
    Original music box which can feel kind to Otaru music box temple and music box temple R calling of the sea tower is full.
  • Kamaboko
    "paserino Genovese" of bug-eyed person Kurihara who won Secretary of Fisheries Agency Prize "bread roll" of Kamaei wants to check by all means.
  • Japanese-Western style sweets
    "Flower garden dumpling" of Niikuraya "Ishikura walnut rice cake," souvenir that we get and are glad including amatouno "marron colon" is full "Doe bulldog fromage" of rutao "crystal candy" of the Russian main office of * six beauty "Bekomochi" "suama".


Shop which we introduced this time is just small portion. As many good shops are in Otaru, you check by yourself, and please find favorite shop and product. Person who does not have the time, and was not able to do shopping very much, please use "four seasons Aya building" and "station naka matotarushie" in the wicket right in JR Otaru Station.

Movement in Otaru-shi

Circulation bus around the main highlight in the city is recommended. (Otaru walk bus), person, "we want to walk slope of precious Otaru!", please get on bus from anywhere. Most buses go to Otaru Station. Otaru city line bus whole-day pass is advantageous with convenience. In various shops as for the privilege.