Learn about Otaru

Otaru-shi of the Hokkaido West Coast is approximately central, and is located on the east side of the Shiribeshi district, and contact with 4 municipalities including Sapporo-shi. In approximately 36 kilometers of east and west, north and south approximately 20 kilometers, one of city area faces the Sea of Japan and is much town of slope among the mountains in other Mikata. Shoreline has an Otaru Port which is natural good harbor at approximately 69 kilometers in the center, and the western heroic shore is appointed in "Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Seminational Park". Because difference of heat and cold is small oceanic climate, climate is easy to live in Hokkaido, and colored leaves can enjoy ski and nature rich throughout the year Sakura and the fresh green in winter in autumn in the summer in spring in golf and Malin leisure.
  • Position: 43°11'27" N, 140°59'40" E
    Area: 243.83km2 (as of October 1, 2014)
    East-West 36.47km, north and south 20.39km, shoreline 68.62km (as of March 31, 2009)
    Population: It is Basic Resident Register as of 120,751 (number of the households 64,808) end of December, 2016

    Flower, tree, bird of city
    ・Flower of city: Azalea
    ・Tree of city: White birch
    ・Bird of city: Japanese green pigeon

    Sister cities
    ・Nakhodka City (the Russian Federation) September 12, 1966 (Showa 41) sister city tie-up
    ・Dunedin (New Zealand) July 25, 1980 (Showa 55) sister city tie-up
    ・Seoul Special City Jiangxi ward (Korea) July 22, 2010 (Heisei 22) sister city tie-up

    Climate of Otaru is located in relatively warm place in Hokkaido.
    Temperature mean than Tokyo seems to slip all off low for one month. There is the Star Festival in the summer on day more than 30 degrees on August 7, but we cool down at a stretch in morning and evening when over, and, as for the full bloom of Sakura, CM of tire and snowplow begins to almost drift to tray in winter on TV around Golden Week. We are long ... from the end of November to March, and it is winter.

    [climate and clothes of monthly]
    ※Temperature of each month writes at "mean maximum temperature / average minimum temperature".
  • Late spring comes over to Hokkaido. Flowering of Sakura is period in indication for Golden Week from late April through early May. This time is cool in the daytime, but it is cold as for the morning and evening. As there is temperature difference, please be careful about physical condition management.
    April: 10.5 degrees Celsius /2 .5 degrees Celsius

    It is inner for long sleeves to light overcoat. It is in a state that snow is left on street until the beginning of April, and puddle and snow are left in step and are slippery. Please be careful about shoes.

    May: 16.2 degrees Celsius /7 .3 degrees Celsius

    As for the morning and evening, there should be jacket coolly as wind is cold.

    June: 19.8 degrees Celsius /11 .9 degrees Celsius

    It is refreshing climate that there is little rain in the summer, and has low humidity of Otaru. There is cold day depending on day, and ensemble is recommended.

    Days more than 20 degrees Celsius increase and reach public performance in the summer. Please enjoy short summer of Hokkaido.
    July: 23.8 degrees Celsius / 16.6 degrees Celsius

    It may be tropical day more than 30 degrees Celsius, but is convenient when there is wind one piece of long sleeve at night as it becomes cold. Sea bathing is enabled from the latter half, too.

    August: 25.5 degrees Celsius / 18.2 degrees Celsius

    It is dazzling, and sunlight may shine hard, but, in August, do not forget one piece of long sleeve as we may get cold as for the morning and evening either. When it is past the Bon Festival, we feel signs of autumn.

    It is instant to feel the lingering summer heat. It is time when cold begins in from the mountains. Attention enough in the daytime and temperature difference of morning and evening being easy to become big as well as spring for physical condition management.
    September: 21.7 degrees Celsius / 13.8 degrees Celsius

    It is climate that it is easy to spend, but there is cold day. It is hot with short sleeves.

    October: 15.5 degrees Celsius / 7.4 degrees Celsius

    Minimum temperature is less than 10 degrees Celsius. We feel wind to be cold. From around the end as for the first snow of the year. Do not forget preparation for jacket.

    November: 7.9 degrees Celsius / 1.2 degrees Celsius

    Maximum temperature falls to 10 degrees Celsius and strongly gets cold. Snow falls, too. As for the shirt of inner to long sleeves. Winter clothing is necessary from the end.

    It is the full-scale winter arrival. It becomes lingering snow (night snow is left until the next morning) from the middle of December, and quantity of snow increases. Step can make the outside into road and the sidewalk, and icicle hangs down in the eaves of building. I would like the complete defense for winter! Coat or jacket, down jacket for winter are warm. Please protect from cold by sweater and layering among them. When there are scarf, gloves, hat and ear expectation to hide of ear elsewhere, it is convenient. Deep shoes of groove are necessary at grippy thickness bottom. Person who came with shoes recommends "slipper" attached to shoes in the summer. (we sell at convenience store or station stand).
    December: 1.8 degrees Celsius / -3.6 degrees Celsius
    January: -0.9 degrees Celsius / -6.3 degrees Celsius
    February: -0.3 degrees Celsius / -6.0 degrees Celsius
    March: 3.4 degrees Celsius / -2.8 degrees Celsius