Otaru guest house

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We are proud of facility

  • It is hotel & restaurant where we redecorated early historical European-style building of the Showa era into. Guest room is three twin rooms on main building the second floor and four, small hotel of all with bath and toilet of annex "storehouse" using stone storehouse of the Taisho era in the main building back in total. Feature including sash window and fire prevention door of iron of entrance at the time remains in solid building which is landmark architecture everywhere. You can overlook cityscape and port of Otaru from roof terrace and can enjoy night view, too.
  • Dinner prepares for dinner course of season when we made use of hors d'oeuvres, fish dishes, meat dishes, soup, pasta, local seasonal foods including dessert. In addition, in main building the first floor restaurant "pasta club," you can enjoy pasta and home brew pizza consisting of 20 kinds or more, oven dish other than advantageous lunch and dinner set, too.
  • "Quiche-like egg dish" which we baked with oven is one of the popular breakfast menus of our store pride. As we bake after visitor came, we have time for approximately ten minutes. Please spend a time before departure in the morning relaxedly.

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Accommodations information

Facility name Otaru guest house
Address 〒047-0034
3-9-5, Midori, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido
Telephone 0134-22-4162
Check-in 17:00
Check-out 10:00
Parking lot Available (free)
Access [bus] Bus "Otaru University of Commerce line" ride "in front of commercial high school" getting off, a 2-minute walk (seat-load time nine minutes) central than JR Otaru Station
[car] From in front of JR Otaru Station than eight minutes (before and after taxi 700 yen) JR Otaru Chikko Station 12 minutes
Wi-Fi Correspondence
Homepage http://otaruguest.web.fc2 .com
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