Asari, Otaru Classe Hotel

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  • One-day hot spring

We are proud of facility

  • Sauna is fully equipped with in large communal bath with big window, too, and there is one place of rock structure open-air bath in two places, bath for men in bath for women.
    Fantastic illuminations reflecting the image of firefly twinkle with nightfall and are opening-like outdoor bath which can taste forest bathing feeling.
  • Room with open-air bath prepares two types in all six rooms.
    It becomes room of 20 quires of unhurried calm colors. There is outdoor bath for 1-2 people outside room.
    Spring quality is natural hot spring as well as large communal bath. (guest room photograph is image)
  • Western dishes dishes, casual standard or dinner course from Chinese food having medicinal herb cooking instructor, real French
    Road restaurant "sill feeding" to be able to taste various dishes.
    Light of candle shakes to dining table in dinnertime when light on day hides.
    Please make use for direction of a happy time.

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Accommodations information

Facility name Asari, Otaru Classe Hotel
otaru asari classe-hotel
Address 〒047-0154
2-676, Asarigawaonsen, Otaru-shi
Telephone 0134-52-3800
Check-in 15:00
Check-out 10:00
Parking lot Available (free)
Access It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Otaru Station. It is approximately 15 minutes by car from Otaru-Chikko Station.
Wi-Fi Correspondence
Use of card VISA
Silvery peak
Non-smoking, separation of smoking areas There is non-smoking room, smoking room
Wheelchair correspondence Correspondence
Guide dog entering a shop Correspondence
Foreign language correspondence English
AED There is setting
Elevator There is setting

Facility map