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DMO-related seminar holding (1/23)

"The DMO formation for thing - Otaru demanded from sightseeing in coming Otaru ~"

JTB Hokkaido given "Otaru version DMO environment maintenance duties" in trust from Otaru-shi pushes forward predetermined business now in cooperation with NPO corporation OBM. We play a key role of sightseeing promotion of future Otaru, and this business is intended that we plan general promotion organization of sightseeing community improvement that stood in viewpoint of sightseeing spot management and environment maintenance for the establishment of "Otaru version DMO" where it is. For the formation of "Otaru version DMO", understanding of various places of each city various fields layer and cooperation are necessary for the sightseeing-related company-like beginning. Therefore seminar workshop will be held in order to plan joint ownership of idea for "Otaru version DMO", the agreement formation.


■Seminar workshop

"The DMO formation for thing - Otaru demanded from sightseeing in coming Otaru ~"

The date and time: Monday, January 23, 2017 from 13:30 to 16:00

Place: Otaru economy center the fourth floor hall

Participation for free, capacity 30

Sponsorship: JTB Hokkaido, NPO corporation OBM

Handbill (PDF)


<copy> Seminar theme: It is found for sightseeing in coming Otaru

Lecturer: Ryuji Hagino (sightseeing in JTB Hokkaido marketing strategy room general manager)

<two copies> Workshop theme: Of DMO for Otaru aim

It is reference reservation: NPO corporation OBM charge: Masanori Ohara

TEL&FAX: 0134-24-2161