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It is sightseeing course that Otaru guide "Meister" having the history and culture of Otaru, various knowledge including economy suggested.
Otaru guide system is thing beyond limit of "tour guide certification examination" that has been already carried out in each place, and "the making of person" aims at upbringing of citizen and industry person who local, hold pride that had wide knowledge for the history or culture of Otaru by program that incorporated "urban development" and "breeding of culture to boast of area" to from the start.

About sightseeing in Otaru college "Otaru guide," please see this in detail.

"North canal" full of atmosphere course
tekuteku course proficient in "slope"
It is around Shukutsu, herring and superb view course
Visiting "dream of business magnate" mansions course

It is Otaru WEB version more and yet more

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University of Commerce student recommended course