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Hospitality of Otaru refreshing high school student

June 08, 2018
Otaru Tourism Association secretariat Tomoko Nagaoka

Customer from foreign countries may not be only tourist. Visit to Japan visitors in educational travel are increasing year by year, too. Visit group from high quality junior high school (equivalent to high school of Japan) of Taiwan came over to Otaru, and student interchange with Otaru, Hokkaido future creation High School that just founded a school in April was performed this spring.

Taiwanese student seemed to arrive just soon if we arrived at school to inspect state of interchange, and students were opening two-pole banner of welcome at the entrance. Party of visit group to Taiwan arrives soon afterwards. State to have everybody getting off bus with smile is very refreshing. That reminds me we were made to do even conversation that we heard at the time of preparations and there was not feeling at all and spoke coming down of spirits from the other world eshiyokatoiukotooademonaikodemonaito how. Well, is today's high school student so refreshing when we look back on the time of own high school student? Impression small in this.

By welcome ceremony carried out in gymnasium, president of the student council is greeting in Chinese after greetings of president fluently what. If as there was not Japanese at all, ask later, "we learn about machine and electricity, construction and distribution and information accounts, and aim for it being in personnel which keep ability for in the future specialty alive, and social, can contribute to, and work hard at study every day to play an active part globally. We seemed to talk about wanting to continue interchanging with Taiwanese everybody for a long time. Originally we seemed to practice for this day when we thought whether Chinese was proficient and asked teacher in secret. Splendid. We had a feeling that fresh and young power of young person was made demonstration of.

By ceremony, Taiwanese student shows dance performance after this, but we go to meet high school students of Otaru where Taiwanese student sits down on and call to dance together. We dance mimicking Taiwanese student together there if high school students of Otaru stand up though it is not revealed whether it was talked by several one body and notice. A sense of unity is created through taking picture of souvenir picture which was just performed after having finished dancing somehow. It is not said, "do it this way", and real feelings stick to thing born naturally. How about if we rearrange in the world of we adults? It is said that we do "hospitality" and offers hospitality, and it is not surely to such a natural thing.

Hospitality of high school student who still follows. By presentation that student of student council performs, explanation of Otaru begins following school introduction, but it is said, "there are two places of places where Taiwan and connection of Otaru are felt". (place saying "connection of Taiwan and Otaru" not "Otaru and connection of Taiwan" is nice again.)
By the way, will everybody of Otaru understand this answer? I'm ashamed to say, I understood only one. What station building of Tainan Station and Otaru Station resembles closely, and one drops, and is made in the same times. Teacher of engineer Yoichi Hatta who built the storage of Taiwanese crow at the waterside water (dam) one more having been Isamu Hiroi who built Northern Breakwater of Otaru. "We feel Taiwan very close. Please continue pleasant trip. Applause arises for presentation that was completed when we pray for security of trip. We thought hard and made diligent preparations, and my lacrimal gland was gradually stimulated by presentation that seemed to be student that such a trace was felt and learned depths gatsuntosuruyona sense of nose. We were impressed.

After campus and state of training, visit of club activities, it is lunch time after this. Students of Japan and Taiwan take communication while eating lunch. And various hospitality is prepared for here. For example, students whom we show performance of wonderful koto and told are brass band club what in usual times. That this practiced hard for this day, too. There is thing which lets you feel that you would surely prepare very much in state of students whom you were able to excite with two haoris. Laughter is universal. We have Taiwanese student experience, and student of Japan and Taiwan laughs each other.

And we cancel the last with smile.
Message to greatly open both hands, and to convey with whole body.

Otaru that young generation entertains in this way.
Do you not think that the future is bright?