Otaru column

Charm (the first) of short story column, Otaru

July 23, 2017
Dandy Shibata

Episode 1: At station

Otaru Station that made Ueno Station motif. 333 lamps in total meet.
When pass through wicket; is scone and 1 right way, Chuodori Street falling out to port. At first we greatly take a deep breath. We put air of Otaru in the body well.
Cruise ship who is luxurious in the front if lucky. "Nagasakiya" of the station square was made in the image of luxurious passenger liner even if not seen. At first we check from there.
It was the biggest commercial facility in Hokkaido in finished those days. Only Monday is day of reward only a little in one week. Scenery to show from Otaru Station changes. He/she welcomes you at the third issue wharf of the front saying Shinnihonkai Ferry linking Niigata and Tsuruga is saying "welcome to Otaru!".

We did not notice. The mountains which rise on the other side of the sea when we see well. There is the stage, hair restoring (mashike) of movie "station" of the Ken Takakura lead on the other side of this mountain.
The sea, Ishikari Bay of blessing to spread blue. The sea which Yujiro loved is this sea. Ichiro Yamaguchi of Sakanaction enjoyed fishing in this sea in boyhood.
Herring formed groups and changed color of the sea to silver once. Just cod, hokke, righteye flounder, flatfish, cuttlefish, sea urchin. A lot of delicious things are fried in Otaru. You must not forget giant clam proud of the best size in Japan either.
moichido is sa, beginning of trip if we take a deep breath.

So! Sushi nishiyotto as for the lunch"

Episode 2: We take a walk with for female aimlessly in career

We go to the sea from station. Track of former Temiya Line intersects when we walk slope of stone pavement of gentle slope aimlessly.
Railroad which was done very first in Hokkaido. It is pride of small Taruto. We carried coal which was dug in coal mine in hood while wearing black smoke.
It is in front of already for half a century that enjoyed feeling that we put ear on track, and SL nears. If do "tightrope walking play" in track; "Say cheese!" . We may hear ancient whistle when we close our eyes.

Buildings which let you feel the history somewhat increased. Jewel box that Otaru does not have roof. Building which concentrated design there to this.
Solid building of the times when we reflected as merchant town is still left. We look good with sepia well if we process smartphone.
Otaru runs for hours slowly and must walk. Make which route today; the forth.
If hear call of black-tailed gull; there is already Otaru Canal. We overlook if we look only at smartphone.

"Oh, shachihoko discovery on roof of tile!"

It is opposite to the north and south on Canal Plaza as well as castle tower of Nagoya-jo Castle. Is it Chuken Hachiko in the bottom? No, firefighting dog of Otaru is public.

Today is somewhat feeling of woman in career! "We do music garima ~ to me, the left. We walk along departure orai north canal.
Canal of 40m in width is just left. Warehouses where the circumference is made of stone. Place where we put baggage shipped over and left lighter (barge) of canal is this warehouse group.
We seem to hear shout of merchants disposing. When step; there is Canal Park. Solid building seen in the depths is former Nippon Yusen.
Great place where treaty after Russo-Japanese War was concluded. We enter narrow path and are lost a little. Some curious buildings appear.

Even if Otaru walks where, we hear footsteps of the history. Unusual way lets you make feeling that profited a little!

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