Otaru column

Charm (the second) of short story column, Otaru

Tenguyama summer
September 11, 2017
Dandy Shibata

Episode 3: Sea Otaru

There begins to be fragrance of beach suddenly when we pass through the tunnel. Town, Shukutsu that ever prospered in herring.
We hear red and lighthouse, Nishin Goten of margin, the blue sky falling out, yacht of white sail, cry of marine mammal. Rocks, here of precipice which nature formed are appointed in quasi-national park.
And "Otaru aquarium" which Otaru native loves.
To dot fuusenuo which we wanted to eat from huge fish which was gyogyogyo ..., fish of the earth gathered in here Shukutsu.
For spray of dolphin "car ..." for daring jump of Steller's sea lion "... tsu!" I would like, applause occasionally full for penguins "doing their best".
There were too many chatter chances, and smartphone has become aquarium in no time. ※All three pieces of lower images are shooting of dandy Shibata.

Otaru aquarium 3-303, Shukutsu, Otaru-shi telephone (0134) 33-1400

If walk much; stomach is pekkopeko, too. We want to challenge grilled fish of skewering than seafood bowl here. Without thinking to stuff the mouth entirely; "is wild! Well, (it seems to be old), taste is particular, too.
If the surface of the water is dyed orange, we want to climb small hill.
At first usual deep breathing is delicious. The scene such as movie which migratory bird forms groups, and passes eyes bottom.
Slowly over there slow setting sun of Shakotan Peninsula sinks distantly. We want to feel the working of nature without speaking anything only at "shi" this time.

It is surely becoming very gentle expression now.

Episode 4: Mountain Otaru

"Car ~!"
Speed of a maximum of 40 kilos per an hour! Tenguyama slider of thrill perfect score. It will be such so loud voice for several years when we provided.
In top of symbol, Tenguyama of Otaru one lap of approximately 800m (the up automatically climbs!) There is grassy plain bobsled of this.
Bodily sensation pickpocket ring which is something with some latest roller coaster. If is active, and enjoy mountain; absolutely recommended course!

It is recommendation that we assume zozo to the mask of Tengu of 700 points of all over Japan, and play with Asiatic chipmunk which is heartwarming.
Mountaintop forest bathing course of one lap of 20 minutes heals heart and body, too. Vast panorama to be able to look around distantly to Shakotan Peninsula on day when it was fine. It is good lunch opens while seeing Ishikari Bay opening under my nose, and to enjoy excursion feeling.
As for coming by car unexpectedly on the way to top, and meeting fox and raccoon dog.

It is night view not to have to forget. One of Hokkaido three size night view forming a line in Hakodate, Sapporo.
As for wine-colored cityscape and the luring fire of far-off squid-fishing fishing boat to shake. Please come to sense comfortable "mountain Otaru" bodily by all means naturally.
Tenguyama ropeway is convenient from the foot of mountain. (central bass progresses to the foot of mountain from Otaru Station)

Tenguyama, Otaru ropeway 2-16-15, Mogami, Otaru-shi telephone 0134-33-7381
※Image in the center (the second piece) borrows than Tenguyama, Otaru ropeway

Another mountain Otaru to be active, and to enjoy is Otaru Green Park.
What can enjoy here "park golf!"
In course covered with turf, we hit ball with exclusive club and are sport to be able to play happily while competing for at bats before getting in a cup.
45 courses where maintenance proud of the domestic top-class to was perfect. Even the first active girl says eek eek and can enjoy.
It is scenery of nature among trees in superb view and the circumference of Ishikari Bay. Air is delicious above all! Do not forget deep breathing here either.
Green can spend day fully while hearing call of wild birds such as bird, Japanese green pigeon, bush warbler, woodpecker of Otaru. It is spot of secret that Manet cannot do it in Sapporo.
It is five minutes by car in the Kiroro area from Route 5 Asari intersection. The details to the following.

Otaru Green Park 1-86, Asarigawaonsen, Otaru-shi telephone 0134-61-7101

Episode 5: Wind Otaru

Feeling that it is somewhat wind today, and wants to go in the distance. Sea breeze to puff at hair has good feeling.
Do yo -; is jo rokka in ship.
We go down stairs from pad of Chuo Bridge. As for getting on, grain of wood of frame is kind to this ship. We are like gondola of Venice.

Starting ...
Tour of 35 minutes begins. We waved our hand at the time of U-turn unintentionally. Somebody is stirred up on promenade. Slightly glad.
It is bottom of ... tsu bridge. First metedakonna scenery. We saw canal judging from height of the surface of the water unlike until now. Very fresh. We stop by in warehouse group, season when ivy gets twisted up, and colors will be different.
When pass through the second bridge; there is already the sea. Big ship which anchors. Sea cat cries. Black kite draws ring in the distance. We smell wind, the tide. It is a school of small fish aside. Explanation of guide is interesting. Only as for what we do not know.
If pass through the third bridge; north canal same as old days. There is 40m in width that is wider than a while ago. Old feature still remains. Scene of Otaru that many painters had for canvas. Warehouse, black-tailed gull, gaslight, stone pavement, I wanted to describe painting, too…

"We arrived"

Oh, ... which wind was comfortable, and has lain down a little.

※Otaru Canal Cruise 5-4, Minatomachi, Otaru-shi telephone 0134-31-1733 ※Three pieces of following images borrow than Otaru Canal Cruise